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I knew nothing about photography, and when I got a new camera, I would constantly be asking friends what each button did. As a designer, I had played with shapes and colours and knew what I wanted. It was a question of learning what the camera could do, and making it do what I wanted. I have a business of my own to run and will never be able to take it on as a profession, but I love what the medium can do. I often go off to far away places with newly found photographer friends. I find as much joy in their company as I do with my picture taking.

Rivers are an intrinsic part of Bangladeshi life and culture, but all char (temporary land mass formed from siltation) dwellers know how a river can destroy you, eroding the banks and engulfing entire land masses overnight. I was struck by the abandon with which this man was playing a flute, while the surging river flowed beneath.

Mohammad Amin