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Poncol is a market area in Central Jakarta with small streets crowded with traditional workshops where everything is done by hand. They produce all kinds of printed promotional material such as banners and name cards. The busy workshop where Yuli works attracted my attention. The owner Hariyanto was hand printing certificates and Yuli brought the wet inked papers outside to be dried. The two others were printing a lot of name cards. I stayed for a while and watched them working. When I saw the shadow of Yuli's hand on the yellow screen, I thought that's the moment.

I switched professions from a nine to five employee to photographer in March 2002. I learnt photography from a two-week course. Since then a lot of good and caring friends have always shared their knowledge with me. I was the one from three participants from Indonesia to join the World Press Photo South East Asia workshop held at the I See Imaging Center in Jakarta. The picture is from a workshop assignment


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