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These two wonderful women worked at an Ashram I used to visit at Thondamanaru on the Jaffna Peninsula. A place open to anyone who walked in - a place to stay, and with the most fabulous vegetarian food. Cooking would start at dawn and seemed to continue through the day until dusk. I wanted a portrait of these two women. I have always liked taking pictures of pictures - hence the old black-and-white photograph of the lady that started the Ashram. One woman carries the dried flower-stem from a coconut palm - firewood that would be used for cooking. I like leaving little clues in my portraits and, nearly always, I make the viewer (and the person being photographed) fully aware of the presence of a camera. Lastly, colour: a pink wall, one sari orange, the other blue; I couldn't have hoped for anything better!


Dominic Sansoni