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That morning was "Fetr Holiday". The end of the fasting month of Ramadan (Muslims fast from dawn to dusk for a month). Muslims consider the days to be glorious and celebrate them. People go to mosques at sunrise. They pray and thank God.
I decided to go to "Mossalla" where the gatherings of people for prayers is held. It was still dark when I got there. The enormous mosque was still under construction and the un-constructed area provided a far-reaching horizon which worked in the photograph.
I wanted to photograph the magnificence of the moment and felt I needed height, I found a container behind the crowd. I took photos as I climbed the container and shot a whole roll taking various frames and lenses. The prayer took half an hour, giving me enough time to compose my shots. This is my favourite. I find in it a sense of devotion, and a certain rhythm in the way the devotees face the lord. I don't think it would have worked had I taken the photograph from the front. Documentary or journalistic photography cannot ignore these aesthetic aspects of photography, but good pictures can come from our knowledge of our universe, religion, humanity and it comes through our past life.

Javad Montazeri