Our poets dreamed of a Bengal as a land of plenty. And plenty is there, if not so much in the granary of the farmers, at least in the undaunted spirit of our people. Famine, flood and natural disasters do their work, leave their ravages, in every town, big or small, but life asserts itself no sooner than the calamity is over. Life manifests itself in every remote village, in activities and pursuits of immense variety. It has a richness all its own.

Zillur Rahman Siddiqui


Mohammad Anisur Rahman made the original prints. Abdul Barek, Saidur Rahman Firoz, Rabishankar Ain, Zillur Rahman Siddiqui and Shamsur Fahman also helped in producing this calendar. We thank them all.

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"Grandpa, tell me a story" and Grandpa does, the world over.