Calendar 1998 Drik

This year's calendar is different from those of previous years' in one respect. In each of these last eight years, Drik has brought together the work of many different Bangladeshi photographers within one calendar. This year's calendar features only Shahidul Alam's work and the photographic images selected are those which explore family lives lived within Bangladesh. Family lives and not family life. Why in the plural and not in the singular? It may seem to be a small difference, but the difference in meaning is great. In the singular, it becomes a norm, an ideal, one family life or one desired family life. And a desired family life means that all else is a deviance, an aberration from the ideal, from the unstated norm. Shahidul's photographs show that there is no single reality, no singular family life. Family means different things for different people: the rich and the privileged experience it differently from the poor. Within the family, men and women are not positioned similarly whether in their access to resources, or to work, or to expectations of comfort.

Photographing social relationships is different from those established photographic practices which focus on discovering and creating the aesthetic - the beautiful and the photogenic. It is also different from the kind of photojournalism which concentrates on 'the' factual. This often translates to wars, famines and floods, or to the political with a capital P - demonstrations, rallies, ministerial events. Only these photojournalistic events are considered newsworthy. In a society and a world with deep divisions - whether between men and women, or between the rich and the poor, or between the expatriate and the native, or between nations - taking on the task of photographing social relationships is in the ultimate analysis a political task.
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