Dr. Shahidul Alam received  Ireland's 'Michael Collins Path to Freedom Award'

Internationally renowned Photographer and Human rights activist

Dr. Shahidul Alam received

Ireland's 'Michael Collins Path to Freedom Award'



February 12, 2024


With courage, leadership, selflessness, and above all, to fight against injustice for the vulnerable and oppressed the internationally renowned photographer and human rights activist Dr. Shahidul Alam received Ireland’s ‘Michael Collins Path to Freedom Award.' The award was announced as part of the 'Cycle of Life Global Forum-2024' in Dublin, Ireland, a country in North-West Europe.


Sean Collins-McCarthy, the Co-founder, COL Alliance, LINS Institute, and the Cycle of Life Global Forum announced the award for Dr. Shahidul Alam. Irish author, human rights activist, and media personality Don Mullan and Concern Worldwide's former Deputy CEO, Haven, and European External Advisor, Paddy MaGuinness jointly presented the award to him.  


Writer Don Mullan recited a poem for the award-winning photographer Shahidul Alam, offering respect and love to the Palestinians.


Paddy Maguines said ‘ The words that we read tin this award; the struggle, freedom, resistance against injustice, courage to tell the truth, and leadership – Shahidul exemplifies all of those things.’


In his response, Dr. Shahidul Alam said ‘I’m in Ireland because Ireland has a history of resistance and oppression that my country (Bangladesh) also has. He does think this award is a symbol of love as well as transparency.


Besides Dr. Shahidul Alam, Dr. Tobe Levin Freifrau von Gleichen, Khady Koita, Dr. Mariame Racine Sow and Dr. Pierre Foldès also received lifetime achievement awards that exemplify the life attitudes of the Irish Political Activist, Revolutionary Leader & Statesman, Michael J. Collins (1890 - 1922), namely courage, leadership, and the will to go against popular opinion, when necessary, to fight injustice for the vulnerable and oppressed.


Speakers at the event said that Michael J. Collins was the leader of the struggle for independence of Ireland. In memory of Michael's struggling life, such an arrangement is aimed at honoring the brave and struggling people of different countries of the world.


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Published: February 12, 2024

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