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Gallery & Event Management

The Drik Gallery opened in August 1993 with the first showing of World Press Photo in Bangladesh. The gallery, split into two levels (on the first and second floor of the building), has permanent wall space measuring 446 running feet.  Its total floor area is 2,796 square feet. This is the largest private gallery in Bangladesh. Experienced curators are available to advise clients and the galleries often conduct back to back events.




 Space for Rent:


  • Gallery 1

Floor Plan





  • Gallery 2

Floor Plan




  • Roof top



We also offer following services:


Curating/exhibition design and set up; Photo printing, Photo framing, Mobile exhibition on Rickshaw van design, print, and construction; Panel board hire for out door exhibitions; Couriering, emailing Invitation cards; Press conference; Video projection facility; Digitization; Poster; Brochure; Invitation cards; Press kit: press release print and soft, image in cd pen, folder writing pad; Banner, backdrop; Festoon; Posting in Facebook/ Twitter; Merchandising; Sitting arrangement (pandal, dais, podium etc); Public address system; Flower bouquet, water, tissue for dais, ribbon; Fans, lights; Refreshment; Projection: Projector, computer, screen etc.; Live streaming on internet; Photo documentation and Video documentation.



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Contact: gallery@drik.net



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