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Drik Wins Asia Publishing Award for “Birth Pangs of a Nation”

Drik Wins Asia Publishing Award for “Birth Pangs of a Nation”


Dhaka, 2 December, 2012: Drik received the Asia Publishing Award for “Birth Pangs of a Nationin theBest Insights into Asian Societies (Non-Fiction) Category” at a Gala award ceremony in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on 30 November, 2012.

Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir accepted the award on behalf of Drik.  She delivered Drik’s acceptance speech, which said:


Ladies and Gentlemen,


Drik today would like to thank the Asia Publishing Committee for this recognition and UNHCR Bangladesh for their support in this endeavor. Thanks are also due to the core team and many others who contributed to the production of this book.


However, this award belongs to the brave and courageous people portrayed in this book and the twenty photographers from Bangladesh, France, India, UK and USA who themselves took risks to document the events.


The Bangladeshi War of Liberation, like all other wars, has a contested history. The number killed, the number raped, the number displaced, are all figures that change depending upon who tells the story. But the visual record is a testament to the resilience, the powerful spirit and dignity of the people who were caught in this war.


It is our wish that the younger generation will be inspired by the powerful spirit and courage of the people of Bangladesh. Coming after 40 years, we remember them today, with both a tear and a smile. Thank you.


The book and the film “The Birth Pangs of a Nation” was produced in 2011 to celebrate 40 years of Bangladesh’s turbulent history and to present a visual map of the birth of a nation.

“It was a great honor to collaborate with the inspiring team at Drik on ‘The Birth Pangs of a Nation’ and we are delighted by this recognition from the Asian Publishing Convention,” Craig Sanders, Representative, UNHCR Representation in Bangladesh, said. “While the images in this book bear witness to the tumultuous events leading up to Bangladesh’s independence, they also tell a powerful human story.  We’re grateful if this book in some small way has had an impact.”

The story poignantly unfolds through images by some of the finest photojournalists in the world and personal interviews of photographers, freedom fighters, refugees and care givers. Some of the photographers have long since passed away. Those who are alive recall events as each experienced it, from a particular vantage point. All this made it a unique compilation that adds to the rich fabric of the history of the country.

The book and the video film are available from:

Drik Picture Library

House 58, Road 15 A; Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209, Bangladesh

Contact: office@drik.net

For more about the book and a selection of images: http://drik.net/the-birth-pangs-of-a-nation/

See also: http://drik.net/



Contact:  Chulie de Silva, Communications Manager;

Email:chulie@drik.net; Tel: +880 1927 122 141

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