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Rashid Talukder 1939 -2011

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Rashid Talukder

This was the man who had witnessed every major event in Bangladesh’s turbulent history. Interspersed between the iconic images of our nation’s past were the curious observations of a natural story teller. Kids bathing in the river with a real live elephant for a rubber duck. The courtship rites of hill people, a child being blessed by a sadhu, a duck sedately walking her ducklings across a busy Motijheel street were the slices of life that peered out of the more remembered seminal moments of our history that this remarkable photojournalist had meticulously recorded.”- Shahidul Alam

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The light we failed to see


Rashid Talukder was a founder board member of Pathshala, South Asian Media Academy and a contributing photographer to majorityworld.com. His entire work is archived at Drik Picture Agency

National Geographic All Roads Project

Pioneer Photography Award

Photo-essay ‘The 1971 Liberation War’ “As a Bangladeshi, I consider myself lucky to have witnessed the most crucial period of our country’s history: the 1971 Liberation War. I never hesitated to put myself at risk in order to capture the moments of our country’s journey towards independence.”

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