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Aungmakhai Chak

Aungmakhai ChakAungmakhai Chak comes from the Chak community, one of the 11 indigenous communities that populate Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh .
Aungmakhai graduated from Pathshala, South Asian Media Institute, one of leading photography institutes in Bangladesh. Besides teaching the skills, it gave her a platform to showcase her work in Chobi Mela VII (2013) titled “Opportunity Knocks”, at the Asiatic Gallery of Fine Arts, just after a workshop conducted by Morten Krogvold.  Another of her photo series was exhibited in Dali Photo Festival (2015) in China jointly organized by the University of Oslo Norway, Pathshala and China.

Her interest lies in the politics of identity and representation. She would like to explore it through mythologies, folklores and current political climate. At the same time, Aung wants to see what time and space do to them. Aungmakhai just took the first shaky step towards photography, and is eager to broaden her world gradually.

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