Digital Asset Management Training

Digital Asset Management Training 

Drik arranged a workshop on Consultancy and Training in Image Archiving and DAM for Drik Images and photographers of Drik. 

The workshop was conducted by consultant Graeme Cookson and Electric Lane’s owner and consultant Ms. Sarah Saunders who is an expert of image and data management. Her company, Electric Lane, advises and trains clients on image management issues, including digital image quality and standards, image archiving, sales and retrieval and metadata and keywording. It was an eventful workshop which undoubtedly enhanced our expertise. 

Trainer: Ms. Sarah Saunder and Graeme Cookson (Electric Lane, London, UK); 

Participants: Drik Images Department and Photographers of Drik

Date: 7 April to 11 April, 2014 Time: 9am – 5 pm Venue: Drik

Published: April 7, 2014

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