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  • The Best Years of My Life: photographs and words by Shahidul Alam The Best Years of My Life: photographs and words by Shahidul Alam The Birth Pangs of a Nation The Birth Pangs of a Nation
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  • Shahidul Alam: My Journey as a Witness


  • Drik Images   Drik Picture Library, Bangladesh is a distinctive multimedia organisation that was established in 1989. Its major areas of expertise are advocacy and awareness campaigns, production of communication materials and training. Drik is able to provide one-stop cost effective multimedia services through its seven departments – Drik Images, Photography, Publication, Audiovisual, DrikNEWS, Gallery & Event Management and Research & Public Campaign.   Background of Drik   Drik (the Sanskrit word for vision) Picture Library Limited was founded in Dhaka, Bangladesh by a small group of people who wanted to give photographers in developing countries a platform on which they could...

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An insight into the evolution of one of the most significant movements in contemporary photography, through the eyes and voice of the man who shaped it. An extraordinary artist, Shahidul Alam is a photographer, writer, activist, and social entrepreneur who used his art to chronicle the social and artistic struggles in a country known largely for poverty and disasters.
Shahidul has managed to create a community… a truly concrete ensemble, which is a composite of all generations attached to their native soil, who share a much vaster territory than that of any one country.
Sebastião Salgado
You’ve done an amazing job and the problem is that you keep getting better and better – particularly Pathshala. I am in photographic education. I genuinely believe that Pathshala is the best photographic institution in the world right now, and we all aspire to be that.
D.J. Clarke, Director of Visual Journalism, Asia Center for Journalism; Lecturer, University of Bolton.
What sets apart the Chobi Mela International Festival of Photography in Dhaka, Bangladesh, is that it is not only truly international, but is also perhaps the world’s most demographically inclusive festival.
New York Times

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